Whale's Friend is a Crypto Trading Fund

Whale's Friend is a Crypto Community

Whale's Friend is a Crypto Opinion Blog

Whale's Friend is a Crypto Think Tank

We couple traditional economic research with virtual currencies and blockchain innovations, we share our views on the rapidly changing financial world of crypto, we empower our knowledge and critical thinking. The outcome is an incredibly well performing high risk – high reward, community driven crypto trading fund. Diversified between well established virtual coins and small cap risky blockchain assets.

Whale’s Friend is a community of highly educated working professionals across many fields. We number economists, fund managers, software engineers, computer scientists and many other professionals which share our core values; ethics, integrity and respect.

After countless meetings we decided it was time to create a virtual home in order to gather the outcomes of our conversations and publicize our critical look into the crypto market.

The seamless blend of innovation and entrepreneurship of the ever evolving alt coin scenery gave birth to our “Whale’s Friend Crypto Trading Fund”. This fund is not suited for the faint at heart; the volatility can be extreme, especially when compared with traditional markets. It is a high risk-high reward fund that is diversified across large and small cap alt coins. The fund remains private as it is based on a Gentlemen’s Agreement between the members with trust and appreciation being the keys to our long-lasting relationship.

Our ultimate goal is to share our journey traversing the vast and unexplored seas of cryptocurrenies. We all have much to learn and sharing empowers the whole crypto-space. An ecosystem created with a vision of decentralization, democracy and freedom. We invite you to join us for this adventure.


I encourage you to contact me and i will do my best to answer in a timely manner.


Who are you?

I am an experienced Fund Manager in traditional markets with relative studies/work in top institutions of the field and a blockchain enthusiast since 2014. I am not alone though, there is a group of close friends that all share this common interest. This results to an assemble of knowledge and information which needs to be shared.

Why are you doing this?

As I was being asked to share my thoughts and research regarding cryptocurrencies in a daily basis as well as performance information of the community driven fund. I decided to create whalesfriend.com and gather all the information in order to save time and effort for everybody.

Do you offer investment advice?

No, all the information provided are strictly for educational use and not meant to represent specific investment advice or recommendation.

Can I join?

Maybe? Why would you want to do that ?