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PURE – The first act


Since the dawn of the cryptocurrency-era countless altcoins have been born; their longevity is short, the price is volatile and it usually ends with a spectacular devaluation. Fortunately, the story doesn’t end here, there are exceptions; shiny gems in the pile of excrement.

Our mission is to identify those so-called “gems” and to follow their development and community from an early stage.

During our frantic search we stumbled upon something very promising. On the 18th of September we witnessed the birth of an altcoin called “PURE”. A fork of CRAVE with a few tweaks; a hybrid PoW & PoS coin with the X11 algorithm that supports masternodes and anonymous transactions. Check here the resources.


Coin Specifications

Algorithm: x11 PoW PoS hybrid
Total Supply: 20 million PURE
Circulating Supply: 2.558.520
PoW will end after block 30.000
Block reward: 100 Pure (until block 30.000)
Blocktime: 180 seconds
Masternode Requiriment: 2.500 PURE
Masternode Reward: 65% Block reward.

PURE Features



What makes PURE stand out


The community

At the time of this writing PURE is 16 days old, block height 10.165, in other words… an infant! But the community and its engagement is unprecedented in only two weeks, the active members of

the slack group are a bit shy of 2.000 people. A visit in the slack channel will immediately demonstrate the quality of the group. The absence of “moon-talk” combined with the technically savvy following can give you an idea of the potential. It is populated with experienced miners, blockchain enthusiasts, mining pool operators and many more important individuals that contribute towards building the value of the network.


The main developer and his partners

The PURE effort is led by sunny747007 , for the time being he prefers to keep his anonymity but nevertheless the quality of character is hard to miss. Always engaged with the community, constantly available to answer questions; he has maintained a very professional stance with a clear action plan. His ability to dismiss the various uncertainties and fears of the community while staying polite even when facing malicious actors with a predetermined agenda to spread doubt, is very promising.
Additionally in the support team of the coin one can spot some well-known and trusted names of the bitcointalk community. Notably, Bumbacoin is present who has a shiny reputation from compiling wallets for various coins as well as representatives from numerous mining pools who can answer the most demanding questions.


The multi phase plan of action

The developing team behind PURE have planned a gradual release of information regarding the scope of the project which synchronizes with the network changes of the coin.

Phase 1: September 2017 – October 2017 (until block height 30.000): PoW & PoS Hybrid, with increased PoW rewards (100 PURE / block): During these two months mining is highly encouraged in order to produce the coins and achieve a satisfying level of distribution.

Phase 2: October- November 2017: End of PoW and focus on expanding and securing the network with as many masternodes as possible (at the time of this writing 125 masternodes are online).
At this phase the team will pursue listing in exchanges in order to further increase the distribution and allow non-miners to enter. The delay of listing was voted by the community in order to avoid unnecessary sell-offs before announcing use cases.

Phase 3:November – December 2017: Accompanied by successful exchange listings, the official road-map will be released with plans to implement upgrades on the blockchain. An aggressive social media campaign to gain visibility.


It is crucial to point out that the plan was voted by the community and not decided and imposed by the managing team.


PURE will reveal its scope when PoW ends


Important details

  • 15+ TH/s on the network for a 15 day old coin is a bullish signal. Those resources that are being allocated to mine PURE show the interest of the mining community. A silent approval of the coin.
  • Sizable and continuous airdrops for the community: One lucky winner every week is rewarded with enough coins to operate a masternode by simply following on Twitter.
  • Text and Video guides to familiarize those that are less involved. There is a guide for everything, from setting up a masternode to compiling a wallet.


What does Whale’s Friend think

PURE has certainly caught our attention, the early interest from various mining pools, the sizable network hash power together with the well spoken developer and the engaged community are signals for something greater.

PURE is still in the introductory phase; the only way to own coins is by mining or over the counter trades so we advice to follow the developements closely. If you have some spare hash power, keep an eye on the network for intervals of under 10 TH/s and mine the hell out of it.

We will be providing more information in the near future as important milestones are approaching.


As we have said in previous posts,the outcomes of investing at such early stages of a project can only be extreme as well as the price volatility. Make sure you are prepared to lose it all due to a myriad of possible deadlocks (devs leaving, catastrophic error in the code, the team pivoting the direction, the funding running out, not succeeding at finding partners for commercial use of the coin and many others).


Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose and don’t take the rumblings of a mad man online as investment advice. Do your own due diligence; Join the PURE slack or the official thread at bitcointalk to get more info and to verify what you read here. Understand that the above is a personal opinion was written without the involvement or supervision of the PURE team.

If the article excited you, you can tip us some PURE at: PSVEuhgoeSrCCQ9E6fVyfZSqHLEpJrg9WS

Thanks for reading!